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Miscellaneous is organized alphabetically by country and territory.

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JAMAICA (JM), Kingston. Hillel Academy Preparatory & High Schools

JAMAICA (JM), Kingston. Isaac Mendes Belisario, Jamaica’s most important Jewish artist; exhibit at the National Museum

JAMAICA (JM), Kingston. Magen David (Star of David) @ Bob Marley Museum

JAMAICA (JM), Kingston. Shaare Shalom Synagogue, Mayor Desmond McKenzie presents Keys to City

JAMAICA (JM), Port Royal. Views of the former Jewish center

JAMAICA (JM), Spanish Town. Views of the former Jewish center

JAPAN (JP), Fukuyama. Small Hands, Roses for Peace (at Holocaust Education Center)

JAPAN (JP), Hakone. My Seven Pillars of Wisdom

JAPAN (JP), Tokyo. Magen David (Star of David), Tokyo Dome



KENYA (KE), Nairobi. Charles Szlapak, Honorary Life Chairman & Trustee, Nairobi Hebrew Congregation

KENYA (KE), Nairobi. Mikvah (at Nairobi Synagogue)

KENYA (KE), Nairobi. Vermont Memorial Hall (at Nairobi Synagogue)



LATVIA (LV), Riga. Jewish school

LATVIA (LV), Riga. Old Choral Synagogue ruins

LATVIA (LV), Riga. Shamir, Jewish Association (at former Zeilen Shul)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. JCC Women’s Club

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Jewish hospital (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Jewish school (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Yavne Boys High School (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Plunge. Miscellaneous

LITHUANIA (LT), Telsiai. Telsiai Yeshiva (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Vilnius. Jewish Community Center of Vilnius

LITHUANIA (LT), Vilnius. Monuments, Memorials, Buildings



MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, historical booklet

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, group portraits

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, Georges Rakotomisa in Israel 1961

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, Shabbat kiddush

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, Shabbat service

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, service brochure

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Prince Ndriana Rabarioelina, PhD. Direct descendant of Aaron the High Priest

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Raherimasoandro Hery Andriamamonjy, President of the Shalom Club of Madagascar

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Miscellaneous

MADEIRA (Portugal) (PT), Funchal. Joao Goncalves Zarco, Christian convert from Judaism and discoverer of Madeira island

MADEIRA (Portugal) (PT), Funchal. Private home formerly used for prayers

MADEIRA (Portugal) (PT), Funchal. Santa Clara Convent, Jewish-themed details

MALAYSIA (MY), Penang. Modi Mordecai, the last permanent Jewish resident of Penang

MAURITIUS (MU): The Mauritian Shekel (book)

MAURITIUS (MU), Bain Boeuf: Chabad

MAURITIUS (MU), St. Martins: Jewish Burial Register (at cemetery office)

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Barrio Hebreo (Jewish Quarter), former

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). D. Yamin A. Benarroch memorial

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Jacob Salama home (former)

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Jewish Community Center

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Miscellaneous

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). People

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Sefarad sculpture

MEXICO (MX), Cuernavaca: Eishel (retirement home)

MEXICO (MX), Huixquilucan (Mexico City): Nuevo Colegio Israelita I. L. Peretz (Naye)

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City: Kadima Day Care Center

MOROCCO (MA), Ait Ben Haddou. Ksar Ait Ben Haddou

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca. Cirque de l’Alliance (Jewish Social Club)

MOROCCO (MA), Demnate. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Essaouira. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Fes. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Marrakesh. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Meknes. Talmud Torah Jewish School (defunct)

MOROCCO (MA), Ouarzazate. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Rissani. House of Baba Sali (Rabbi Israel Abuhatzira)

MOROCCO (MA), Rissani. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Sefrou. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Sefrou. Talmud Torah Jewish School

MOROCCO (MA), Tahala. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Circulo Israelita de Tanger

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Communaute Israelite de Tanger Residence Laredo-Sabbah-Benchimol

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Miscellaneous

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. People

MOROCCO (MA), Tinghir. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Tiznit. Aitoufrane, Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Tiznit. Ouzzane, Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOZAMBIQUE (MZ), Maputo: People

MYANMAR (MM), Yangon: Mikvah @ Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue



NAMIBIA (NA), Luderitz: Miscellaneous

NAMIBIA (NA), Luderitz: Shark Island (German extermination camp of Herero people)

NAMIBIA (NA), Swakopmund: Sam Cohen Library

NAMIBIA (NA): Various Biblical-named (Jewish-named) places

NAMIBIA (NA), Windhoek: NamCot Diamonds Ltd.

NAMIBIA (NA), Windhoek: Pupkewitz businesses etc.

NAMIBIA (NA), Windhoek: Sam Cohen Hall (former) and rabbi’s house (former)

NEW ZEALAND, Auckland, Meadowbank: Raye Freedman Library

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland, Oratia, West Coast Road: Taharah (burial preparation) House, Oratia Cemetery

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: (Arthur Mielziner) Myers Park (Mayor of Auckland 1905~1910, and MP)

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: (Sir Julius) Vogel Lane and Sky Tower; NZ premier from 1873~5 and 1876

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: Auckland Hebrew Congregation, school

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: Greys Avenue Deli @ Auckland Hebrew Congregation

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: Henry Keesing house (Jewish pioneer), Bankside Street

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Dunedin: Miscellaneous

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Dunedin: Olveston House, home of David and Marie Theomin, and children Edward and Dorothy

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Wellington: Parochet at Te Papa Museum

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Wellington: Yitzhak Rabin memorial

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja. Chabad House of Abuja

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja. On the way to Abuja Synagogue

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja. Shabbat Preparations, Chabad-Lubavitch of Abuja

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja, Gudaba. Community members, Beit Knesset Siyah Yisrael

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja, Jikwoyi. Community building, Ghihon Hebrews’ Synagogue

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja, Jikwoyi. Community members, Ghihon Hebrews’ Synagogue


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