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Jewish Africa: A Cultural and Historical Photographic Survey

In August 2012, independent photographer, Jono David, set out on an audacious Jewish African journey. His aim was to document the life, culture, and history of the Jewish people from one end of the continent to the other. Over the next 4 years, he would take 8 unique trips totaling some 60 weeks of travel to 30 countries and territories. His adventures led him from the continent's largest communities strewn across Southern Africa to ancient yet vibrant communities in Morocco and Tunisia to emerging Jewish groups in unexpected places like Uganda, Gabon, and Madagascar.

Jewish Africa: A Cultural and Historical Photographic Survey is a collection of 56 of Jono’s real-time blog stories and some 70 compelling photographs (plus URL links to thousands more Jewish Africa photos on his website). These tales and images of Jewish Africa offer a unique glimpse not only into these remarkable Jewish communities but into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into pulling off such an intrepid travel plan.

RELEASE DATE: September 15, 2020

PRICE: US$3.00

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Life Before the Holocaust: Portraits of Character

This eBook features 106 photographic portraits of Holocaust survivors as you have never seen them portrayed before. The book is a celebration of identity and personality that aims to defrost the freeze-frame of history within which Holocaust survivors are invariably portrayed. By showcasing an object, each person reveals a physical representation of a layer of their life while making a visual offering to viewers. These objects speak to joys, successes, and memories that weave a life together. More specifically, they visually articulate careers, hobbies, interests, family, fashions, passions, and memories. This book does not include Holocaust testimony. Rather, it's an ode to identity, personality, individuality, and love. By photographing these 106 extraordinary people with a focus on a single layer of their identity apart from the context of the Holocaust, this book offers a fresh view of who they are and a measure of how they wish to be known and remembered.

RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2020

PRICE: US$3.00

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In their own words: Comments from Survivors who appear in this eBook:

"I admire your photos and the concept behind them. Up to now, all the photographers tried to make us look old and unhappy, whereas, in reality, we had full and productive lives after the Holocaust.”

— Marcel Drimer. Washington, D.C., USA


"I have carefully read your text, then examined the photos along with the short personal statements. To me, this is in a way a great Book of Life. Challenging as well as rewarding in so many ways! 

To begin with - its title, a little ambiguous at first, but then, following your explanation - full of beneficial meaning, valid even beyond the Holocaust context. As you have stated, the worst things that happened to us should not define any one of us. It is our passion for life, as well as our specific contribution to it, that becomes our true spiritual identity card as well as our testament. 

While the Nazi ideology and practice endeavored to outcast and annihilate, your project is in my view a specific and inspiring evidence and approval that every life is indeed a part of the Great Chain of Being. That every life matters, in terms of its individual specific weight (sic).”

— Dina Katan Ben Zion. Tel Aviv, Israel.


"A friend of mine shared a story about this young man, a refugee from Prague. When asked by his siblings what he wanted to have from his mother's belongings, since she had passed away some time ago, he answered: her coat! 

And there I sat with the memory of my mother's coat still comforting me and you portraying this feeling [in my portrait]. What can I say? I was speechless...Isn't it wonderful?!"

— Hania Rosenberg. Stockholm, Sweden

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