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For PHOTO ORDERS, please observe the following procedures —

1. CONTACT PRIOR to making payments.*
2. Identify your business (company) (include web address, if available).
3. List the IMAGE(S) PHOTO ID NUMBER(S) you require, e.g. US 1234, IL 4321
4. State your intended use/publication of image(s).
5. State deadlines for delivery of image(s).
6. Await order and fee CONFIRMATION and/or INVOICE.
7. Upon receipt of order confirmation/invoice, proceed with payment (see PAYMENT below).

Inquiries are usually responded to within 24 hours. Once orders and pricing have been confirmed with the user by Jono David, users will be INVOICED by return email via Paypal. Users should then proceed with payment via PayPal (see PAYMENT OPTIONS below).

* NOTICE: Payments that are made prior to the client receiving an official invoice from Jono David/HHJPL may be subject to additional fees if the payment is either insufficient and/or if a refund is required. In such an event, the client shall bear the entire responsibility of any and all transaction fees related to Paypal and/or a banking institution. The burden of payment of such fees rests entirely with the client. To avoid additional transaction fees and/or other billing errors, please make no payments until the details of the order are completed and confirmed by Jono David/HHJPL.



- CREDIT CARD (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover) payment via PayPal. An additional 5% transaction fee will be applied to all PayPal payments. Full payment is required prior to all photo deliveries. 


- CHEQUE (CHECK). Only checks drawn on UK or US bank accounts accepted. Any bank fees will be paid by the client. Full payment is required prior to all photo deliveries. Photos will only be delivered upon clearance of cheque payments.


For payments by credit card via PayPal:

Make no payments prior to receiving an INVOICE via email. Upon receipt of the invoice, follow the Paypal payment procedures. All payments via Paypal are in US Dollars. If your order has been quoted in a different currency, it will be calculated into US Dollars on the day of INVOICING using current exchange rates on


Jono David/HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library is PayPal VERIFIED.

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