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Miscellaneous is organized alphabetically by country and territory.

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FINLAND (FI), Helsinki: Chabad Lubavitch of Finland



GABON (GA), Bitam. Bitam Jewish Community members

GABON (GA), Bitam. Miscellaneous

GABON (GA), Oyem. Oyem Jewish Community house and members

GABON (GA), Oyem. Site of future Oyem synagogue

GHANA (GH), Dwenase Town: Akiva Kenah, community chairman, and daughter Rachel

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra; Aidoo (Isaac and Florence) family home

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra; Alex Armah, spiritual leader

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra; Alex Armah, spiritual leader, with his Certificate of Introduction to Rabbinics

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra: Guesthouse, House of Israel Jewish community

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra: Mezuzah (new), guesthouse, put up by spiritual leader Alex Armah

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra: Mezuzah (new), Tifereth Synagogue, put up by spiritual leader Alex Armah



HONDURAS (HN), Tegucigalpa: Sunday School @ Sinagoga Shevet Ajim



ICELAND (IS), Reykjavik. Iðnó Building, formerly used for Jewish prayer during WW2

ICELAND (IS), Reykjavik. Jacobsson House, formerly owned by a Jewish Danish merchant

ICELAND (IS), Reykjavik. Miscellaneous

INDIA (IN), Alibag/Pen (Konkan Coast, Maharashtra): Roadside Jewish soda stand “D Shalom”

INDIA (IN), Delhi: Judah Hyam Hall Synagogue: Lecture, visitors, Shabbat (Friday, March 6, 2009)

INDIA (IN), Ernakulam (Kochi/Cochin) (Kerala): Engagement Party of Shafeer and Pinky

INDIA (IN), Ernakulam (Kochi/Cochin) (Kerala): Isaac Joshua and wife

INDIA (IN), Ernakulam (Kochi/Cochin) (Kerala): Jews Street

INDIA (IN), Kochi (Cochin) (Kerala): Jewish children’s playground

INDIA (IN), Kochi (Cochin) (Kerala): Synagogue Lane, Jew Town

INDIA (IN), Kolkata (Calcutta): Nahoum & Sons Bakery and Confectionary

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): David Sassoon Library and Reading Room

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): E.E.E. Sassoon High School (adjacent to Magen David Synagogue)

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue 125th anniversary celebrations

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): Moshe’s Bakery Cafe

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): Sassoon House guesthouse (adjacent to Magen David Synagogue)

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): Sir Jacob Sassoon High School (adjacent to Magen David Synagogue)

INDIA (IN), Parur (Paravoor) (Kerala): Home of Namias, the only Jewish family in Parur

INDONESIA (ID), Manado. Yaacov Eli Baruch at Ohel Yaacov Synagogue

ISRAEL (IL). Flag of the State of Israel (at Caesarea)

ISRAEL (IL). Israel Rail (train)

ISRAEL (IL), Miscellaneous (1983, 1984, 2004)

ISRAEL (IL), Akko. Crusader Fortress of the Knights of the Hospital and the Ottoman-Turkish Citadel of Akko

ISRAEL (IL), Akko. Miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Akko. Templars Tunnel

ISRAEL (IL), Apollonia: Apollonia, a.k.a. Arsuf

ISRAEL (IL), Beit Shemesh: Tel Beit Shemesh

ISRAEL (IL), Caesarea: Caesarea (3.2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Caesarea. Caesarea (4.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Caesarea. Caesarea (4.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Dead Sea. Kalia Beach

ISRAEL (IL), Ein Gedi. Ein Gedi

ISRAEL (IL), Ein Gedi. Rock hyrax, aka rock badger cape hyrax

ISRAEL (IL), Haifa. Bahai Gardens

ISRAEL (IL), Haifa. Carmelit (underground funicular railway)

ISRAEL (IL), Haifa. Haifa vistas

ISRAEL (IL), Haifa. Tikotin Japanese Art Museum

ISRAEL (IL), Jaffa (Yafo). Miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Aish HaTorah World Center

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Cardo (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Cardo (8.2106)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: City of David

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. City of David (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Dormition Abbey

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Flag of the State of Israel (at Mount Herzl)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Kidron Valley (2012)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Knesset (Israeli Parliament)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Knesset (Parliament) (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Mahane Yehuda Market

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Mahane Yeduda Market, shutter art

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Me’a She’arim

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Miscellaneous (2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Miscellaneous (2012)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Miscellaneous (9.2014)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Miscellaneous (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Model of Old City (at Israel Museum)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Room of the Last Supper

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Shrine of the Book (Dead Sea Scrolls), at the Israel Museum

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Tower of David (and Tower of David Museum, exterior)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Views over the Muslim Quarter, Old City

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Yad Sarah

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Yoel Moshe Salomon Street

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Zion Square and environs

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Armenian Quarter

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Church of the Holy Sepulcher (2.2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Church of the Holy Sepulcher (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Church of the Holy Sepulcher (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Dome of the Rock (Temple Mount) (2.2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Jewish Quarter

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City: Miscellaneous images (2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Temple Mount (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Temple Mount (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Via Dolorosa (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Via Dolorosa (8.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Armenian Quarter. Miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. King David Tomb

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter: Kotel, Western Wall (3.2004)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter: Kotel (Western Wall) (2.2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter: Kotel (Western Wall) (3.2012)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Kotel (Western Wall) (9.2014)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Kotel (Western Wall) (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Kotel (Western Wall) (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Kotel (Western Wall) (8.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Miscellaneous (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Miscellaneous (8.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Muslim Quarter. Austrian Hospice

ISRAEL (IL), Judean Hills. Vistas east of Jerusalem

ISRAEL (IL), Kefar Sava: Tomb of Benjamin

ISRAEL (IL), Masada. Masada (2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Masada. Masada (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Masada. Masada (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Masada. Masada cable car

ISRAEL (IL), Netanya. Beach

ISRAEL (IL), Ra’anana. Music Recital @ the Conservatory

ISRAEL (IL), Rehovot. Weizmann Institute of Science

ISRAEL (IL), Rosh Ha’Ayin. Mirabel Crusader Castle

ISRAEL (IL), Rosh Ha’Ayin. Tel Afek at Antipatris

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv: Azrieli Center

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Beach (9.2014)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Beach (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Beach (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Beach (8.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) International Airport

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Habima (National) Theater

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Jaffa Railway Station (former Jaffa-Jerusalem Railway)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Miscellaneous (2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Miscellaneous (2012)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Miscellaneous (9.2014)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Miscellaneous (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Yafo (Jaffa). Miscellaneous (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv: Nachalat Binyamin Street

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Nachalat Binyamin Street (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv: Neve Tzedek neighborhood

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Neve Tzedek neighborhood, miscellaneous (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Neve Tzedek neighborhood, miscellaneous (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Old Jaffa-Jerusalem Train Station

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Rothschild Blvd.

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Sarona Market

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv, central, miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv, south, miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Yaacov Agam fountain, Fire and Water

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Yitzhak Rabin Memorial, Rabin Square

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Megiddo: Tel Megiddo (Armageddon)

ISRAEL (IL), Tira (Arab-Israeli village). Q Schools (English school)

ISRAEL (IL). Korean Airlines flight KE958, Tel Aviv to Seoul, March 6, 2010

ISRAEL (IL), Zichron Yaacov. Benjamin’s Pool


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