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Synagogues (and Yeshivot) are organized alphabetically by country and territory.

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JAMAICA (JM), Kingston. Shaare Shalom Synagogue

JAPAN (JP), Kobe. Ohel Shelomo Synagogue (2001)

JAPAN (JP), Kobe. Ohel Shelomo Synagogue (2006)

JAPAN (JP), Kobe. Ohel Shelomo Synagogue (2016)

JAPAN (JP), Tokyo. Beth David Synagogue

JAPAN (JP), Tokyo. Chabad House

JAPAN (JP), Tokyo. The Jewish Community of Japan Synagogue (Tokyo Synagogue) (2011)

JAPAN (JP), Tokyo. The Jewish Community of Japan Synagogue (Tokyo Synagogue) (2021)




KENYA (KE), Kasuku. Kasuku Synagogue (unrecognized, unaffiliated)

KENYA (KE), Mombasa. Mombasa Synagogue (unrecognized, unaffiliated)

KENYA (KE), Nairobi. Nairobi Synagogue

KENYA (KE), Nakuru. Nakuru Synagogue (former)

KOREA (KR), Seoul. Chabad Jewish Community of Korea




LATVIA (LV), Riga. Dzirnavu Street Synagogue (former)

LATVIA (LV), Riga. Peitavas Street Synagogue (1997)

LATVIA (LV), Riga. Peitav Shul, a.k.a. Riga Synagogue (2011)

LEBANON (LB), Beirut. Magen Avraham Synagogue

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Butchers Synagogue (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Chassidim Synagogue (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Choral Synagogue (1997)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Choral Synagogue (2011)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Zamenhofo Street Synagogue (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Laukuva. Laukuva Synagogue (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Rietavas. Synagogue (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Telsiai.. Synagogue (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Telsiai. Telsiai Yeshiva (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Vilnius. Synagogue (former) of Zavel Germaize and David Levinson

LITHUANIA (LT), Vilnius: Taharat Hakodesh Choral Synagogue (1997)

LITHUANIA (LT), Vilnius. Taharat Hakodesh (Choral) Synagogue (2011)

LUXEMBOURG (LU), Luxembourg City. Synagogue de la Ville




MACEDONIA (MK), Skopje. Skopje Synagogue

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, Shabbat service

MADEIRA (Portugal) (PT), Funchal. Rua do Carmo Synagogue (former)

MALAYSIA (MY), Penang. Penang Synagogue (former)

MAURITIUS (MU), Forest Side. A.M.I. Baby S. Curpen Cultural Centre (incl. synagogue)

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Isaac Benarroch Synagogue

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Or Zaruah Synagogue

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Rabino Shem Tob Chocron Synagogue

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Synagogues, former, in Melilla Vieja (Old Melilla)

MEXICO (MX), Cuernavaca. Sinagoga Samuel y Frida Shein at Eishel retirement home

MEXICO (MX), Estado de Mexico (Mexico City), Echegaray. Shul de Echegaray

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Agudas Ajim, a.k.a. Sinagoga de Avenida Parral

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Bet El

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Beth Itzjak

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Etz Jaim

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Justo Sierra

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Maguen David (Calle Socrates)

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Nidje Israel Ashkenazi

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Ramat Shalom

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Rodfe Sedek

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Sinagoga Shaare Tefila Abud Attie

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Templo Adat Israel, Shul de Alamos

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City. Yavne Shul

MONACO (MO). Monaco Synagogue

MOROCCO (MA), Agadir. Agadir Synagogue

MOROCCO (MA), Ait Ourir. Shrine of Rabbi Abraham El Mizrahi and Jewish Cemetery

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca. Beit Knesset Menachem Mendel (Chabad-Lubavitch of Casablanca)

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca. Benarrosh Synagogue (2015)

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca: Synagogue Benarrosh (2001)

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca. Em Habonim Synagogue

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca. Ettedgui Synagogue (aka Tifereth Israel)

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca. Neve Shalom Synagogue

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca: Temple Beth El (2001)

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca. Temple Beth El (2015)

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca. Temple David Hamelekh

MOROCCO (MA), Er-Rachidia. Rachem Yehuda Synagogue

MOROCCO (MA), Essaouira. Haim Pinto Synagogue (and home) (2015)

MOROCCO (MA), Essaouira: Chaim Pinto Synagogue (Jewish Quarter Synagogue) (2001)

MOROCCO (MA), Essaouira. Slat Lkahal Mogador Synagogue

MOROCCO (MA), Fes. Aben Danan Synagogue (2015)

MOROCCO (MA), Fes. Aben Danan Synagogue (2001)

MOROCCO (MA), Fes. Al Fassiyine Synagogue

MOROCCO (MA), Khemis Arazane. Khemis Arazane Synagogue

MOROCCO (MA), Marrakesh. Beth El Synagogue

MOROCCO (MA), Marrakesh. Slat Laazama Synagogue (and former Talmud Torah School)

MOROCCO (MA), Meknes. Talmud Torah Synagogue (at Talmud Torah School)

MOROCCO (MA), Meknes. Talmud Torah Synagogue (defunct) (at Talmud Torah School)

MOROCCO (MA), Safi. Bet El Synagogue at Shrine of Rabbi Brahim Ben Zimirou

MOROCCO (MA), Sale. Synagogue at Sale Jewish Cemetery

MOROCCO (MA), Sefrou. Synagogue at Talmud Torah Jewish School

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Synagogue at Communaute Israelite de Tanger Residence Laredo-Sabbah-Benchimol

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Synagogue Etz Hayim de Rebbi Mordejay Bengio

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Synagogue Grand Temple Chaar Refael

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Synagogue Nahon-Massat Moshe

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Synagogue Rabbi Akiba (formerly, Synagogue Laredo Moshe)

MOROCCO (MA), Tetouan. Isaac Ben Walid Synagogue

MOZAMBIQUE (MZ), Maputo. Maputo Synagogue

MYANMAR (BURMA) (MM), Yangon. Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue




NAMIBIA (NA), Keetmanshoop. Keetmanshoop Synagogue (former)

NAMIBIA (NA), Windhoek. Windhoek Hebrew Congregation Synagogue

NETHERLANDS (NL), Amsterdam. Portuguese Synagogue

NEVIS (KN), Charlestown. Synagogue ruins, disputed

NEW ZEALAND, Auckland. Auckland Hebrew Congregation, Beit Yisrael Synagogue

NEW ZEALAND, Auckland. Auckland Hebrew Congregation, miscellaneous

NEW ZEALAND, Auckland. Auckland Hebrew Congregation, Small Shule

NEW ZEALAND, Auckland. Beth Shalom Progressive Jewish Congregation of Auckland (incl. Habonin Dror Youth Group house)

NEW ZEALAND, Auckland. Princes Street Synagogue (closed); (currently, External Relations Department, University House, University of Auckland)

NEW ZEALAND, Christchurch. Canterbury Hebrew Congregation (Christchurch Synagogue)

NEW ZEALAND, Christchurch. Chabad of Canterbury

NEW ZEALAND, Dunedin. Chabad of Dunedin

NEW ZEALAND, Dunedin. Dunedin Jewish Congregation

NEW ZEALAND, Dunedin. Temple Gallery (world’s southern-most synagogue; currently a private art gallery and residence)

NEW ZEALAND, Wellington: Wellington. Hebrew Congregation, Abraham & Miriam Rosenfeld Library and daily chapel

NEW ZEALAND, Wellington. Wellington Hebrew Congregation, Beth El Synagogue

NEW ZEALAND, Wellington. Wellington Progressive Hebrew Congregation, Temple Sinai

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja. Abuja Synagogue

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja, Gudaba. Beit Knesset Siyah Yisrael

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja, Jikwoyi. Ghihon Hebrews’ Synagogue

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja, Kubwa. Tikvat Israel Synagogue

NORWAY (NO), Oslo. Oslo Synagogue (2006)

NORWAY (NO), Oslo. Oslo Synagogue (2017)

NORWAY (NO), Trondheim. Trondheim Synagogue



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