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Select Photo. > Make Product.

Prints, calendars, stickers, postcards, mouse pads, mugs, puzzles, coasters, luggage tags,

key tags, magnets, playing cards, aprons, greeting cards, buttons, phone cases.

The choice is yours. Ordered exactly as you want it.





Only photographs in this dedicated MERCHANDISE GALLERY are available for merchandise orders (i.e. prints and/or other merchandise products in the list above). See PHOTO ORDERS for all other (commercial) photo orders. HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library does not directly print or manufacture either prints or merchandise available via this specific service.

For product manufacturing details, see PRODUCT INFORMATION.



All prices are in US DOLLARS (US$). Prices do not include tax (where applicable) and shipping/handling fees (where applicable). Base prices may vary at checkout due to sudden manufacturer price changes.






* Not all products displayed at these links are available via HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library.



- Photo prints and products dimensions are listed in inches (inches to centimeters conversion)

- Printing information explains sizes, print types, photo finish types.


PRINTS (standard sizes) Select Photo > Order Product

Available in Lustre, Glossy, and Metallic. Some printing available in Giclée Watercolor.

4x6: US$1.99

5x7: US$2.99~3.99

8x10: US$4.99

8x12: US$5.99~6.99

10x15: US$6.99~7.99

11x14: US$6.99~7.99


PRINTS (other sizes) Select Photo > Order Product

Available in Lustre, Glossy, and Metallic. Some printing available in Giclée Watercolor.

Wallet (8 images): US$4.99

3x5: US$1.99

4x5: US$1.99

7x10: US$4.99

8.5x11: US$5.99~6.99

9x12: US$5.99~6.99

10x13: US$6.99


PRINTS (canvas) Select Photo > Order Product

5 x 5 and 5x7 Giclée wrapped: US$53.99

5 x 5 and 5x7 Giclée board: US$34.99


5x7 Giclée wrapped: US$54.99

5x7 Giclée board: US$35.99


6x6 Giclée wrapped: US$54.99

6x6 Giclée board: US$44.99


8x8 Giclée wrapped: US$54.99

8x8 Giclée stretched: US$35.99

8x8 Giclée board: US$32.99


8x10 Giclée wrapped: US$57.99

8x10 Giclée stretched: US$38.99

8x10 Giclée board: US$35.99


8.5x11 Giclée board: US$40.99


PRINTS (ready-to-hang) Select Photo > Order Product

5x5 Metallic / Satin: US$32.99

5x5 Lustre / Satin: US$27.99

5x5 Canvas / Satin: US$43.99


5x7 Metallic / Satin: US$33.99

5x7 Lustre / Satin: US$28.99

5x7 Canvas / Satin: US$43.99


5x10 Metallic / Satin: US$34.99

5x10 Lustre / Satin: US$30.99

5x10 Canvas / Satin: US$45.99


8x8 Metallic / Satin: US$35.99

8x8 Lustre / Satin: US$30.99

8x8 Canvas / Satin: US$45.99


8x10 Metallic / Satin: US$35.99

8x10 Lustre / Satin: US$30.99

8x10 Canvas / Satin: US$45.99


8.5x11 Metallic / Satin: US$40.99

8.5x11 Lustre / Satin: US$35.99

8.5x11 Canvas / Satin: US$50.99


PRINTS (acrylic metal) Select Photo > Order Product

8x8 high gloss: US$55.99

8x8 mid gloss: US$55.99

8x8 satin: US$55.99


8x10 high gloss: US$56.99

8x10 mid gloss: US$56.99

8x10 satin: US$56.99


8x12 high gloss: US$68.99

8x12 mid gloss: US$68.99

8x12 satin: US$68.99


10x10 high gloss: US$68.99

10x10 mid gloss: US$68.99

10x10 satin: US$68.99


PRINTS (metal) Select Photo > Order Product

4x5 float high gloss: US$211.99

4x5 float mid gloss: US$21.99

4x5 float satin: US$21.99


4x6 float high gloss: US$21.99

4x6 float mid gloss: US$21.99

4x6 float satin: US$21.99


5x5 float high gloss: US$23.99

5x5 float mid gloss: US$23.99

5x5 float satin: US$23.99


5x7 float high gloss: US$24.99

5x7 float mid gloss: US$24.99

5x7 float satin: US$24.99


5x10 float high gloss: US$30.99

5x10 float mid gloss: US$30.99

5x10 float satin: US$30.99


PRINTS (maple wood) Select Photo > Order Product

4x6 natural finish: US$25.99

5x5 natural finish: US$25.99

5x7 natural finish: US$26.99

6x6 natural finish: US$27.99

8x8 natural finish: US$33.99

8x10 natural finish: US$37.99

8x12 natural finish: US$42.99


KEEPSAKES (household) Select Photo > Order Product

Photo Stickers (sheet of 20): US$9.99

4x6 postcards: US$3.99

Mouse Pads: US$9.99

11 oz White Mug: US$11.99

15 oz White Mug: US$12.99

11 oz Black Mug: US$14.99

Photo Puzzle with Box: US$33.99

Coasters (4 pieces): US$23.99

Photo Luggage Tag: US$9.99

Photo Key Tag: US$8.99

Refrigerator Magnet (small): US$6.99

Refrigerator Magnet (large): US$8.99

Playing cards: US$27.99


KEEPSAKES (stuff you wear) Select Photo > Order Product

Photo apron: US$28.99

3 inch round button: US$6.99

4 inch round button: US$7.99


GREETING CARDS Select Photo > Order Product

Greeting cards details here.

4x8 flat, Box of 20 (with envelopes), pearl: US$34.99

4x8 flat, Box of 20 (with envelopes), felt: US$31.99

4x8 flat, Box of 20 (with envelopes), matte: US$27.99


4x8 flat, Box of 50 (with envelopes), pearl: US$67.99

4x8 flat, Box of 50 (with envelopes), felt: US$63.99

4x8 flat, Box of 50 (with envelopes), matte: US$59.99


4x8 flat, Box of 100 (with envelopes), pearl: US$123.99

4x8 flat, Box of 100 (with envelopes), felt: US$113.99

4x8 flat, Box of 100 (with envelopes), matte: US$99.99


5x7 Folded Cards (1 with envelope): US$4.99

5x7 Folded Cards (10 with envelopes): US$19.99

5x7 Folded Cards (25 with envelopes): US$39.99


PHONE CASES (iPhone and Android) Select Photo > Order Product

iPhone 7 Slim Case: US$20.99

iPhone 7 Tough Case: US$22.99

iPhone 7 Plus Slim Case: US$22.99

iPhone 7 Plus Tough Case: US$24.99

iPhone 6/6s Slim Case: US$20.99

iPhone 6/6s Tough Case: US$22.99

iPhone 6/6s Plus Slim Case: US$22.99

iPhone 6/6s Plus Tough Case: US$24.99

iPhone SE Slim Case: US$20.99


Galaxy S7 Slim Case: US$22.99

Galaxy S7 Tough Case: US$24.99


CALENDAR Select and Order.

The newest Jewish Photo Library calendar is coming soon. 



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