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AUSTRALIA (AU), New South Wales, Sydney: Memorial @ Rookwood Necropolis, Jewish Cemetery Trust

AUSTRALIA (AU), Victoria, Melbourne: Memorial @ Melbourne General Cemetery

AUSTRIA (AT), Vienna: Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial

BOSNIA & HERCEGOVINIA (BA), Sarajevo: Memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

BULGARIA (BG), Plovdiv: Memorial @ Zion Synagogue

CHINA (CN), Shanghai: Ghetto memorial for Stateless Refugees, Hangkou District, Huo Shan Park

COLOMBIA (CO), Barranquilla: Memorial @ Cementerio Hebreo Ashkenazi

COLOMBIA (CO), Bogota: Memorial @ Cementerio Hebreo del Sur

CUBA (CU), Guanabacoa (Havana): Memorial @ Union Chevet Ahim Cemetery

CUBA (CU), Havana: Holocaust Memorial Park

CUBA (CU), Santa Clara: Holocaust Memorial @ Cementerio Israelita

DENMARK (DK), Copenhagen: Memorial @ Great Synagogue

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (DO), Santo Domingo: Memorial @ Cementerio Israelita

ECUADOR (EC), Quito: Memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

ENGLAND (UK), London: Raoul Wallenberg Memorial @ Western Marble Arch Synagogue

ESTONIA (EE), Ereda: Ereda Concentration Camp Holocaust Memorial

ESTONIA (EE), Kivioli: Kivioli Concentration Camp Holocaust Memorial

ESTONIA (EE), Klooga: Klooga Labor Camp Holocaust Memorials

ESTONIA (EE), Tallinn: Patarei Vangla (Battery Prison) memorials

ESTONIA (EE), Vaivara. Vaivara 1 and 2 Concentration Camps Holocaust Memorials

FINLAND (FI), Helsinki: Monument to Eight Jewish Refugees Killed in Auschwitz

FRANCE (FR), Nice: Memorial @ Cimetiere Israelite

FRANCE (FR), Paris: Memorial de la Shoah

GERMANY (DE), Berlin: Grunewald Train Station Memorial

GERMANY (DE), Heidelberg: Original Heidelberg Synagogue site, Blue Lily

GREECE (GR), Thessaloniki: Memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

HUNGARY (HU), Budapest: Memorial @ Great Synagogue

HUNGARY (HU), Pecs: Memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

HUNGARY (HU), Szombathely: Memorial @ Szombathely Synagogue

HUNGARY (HU), Sopron: Holocaust memorial

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial (2004)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority (2010)

KENYA (KE), Nakuru. Holocaust memorial at Jewish Cemetery

ITALY (IT), Venice: Campo de Gheto Holocaust Memorial

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Bikernieki Holocaust Memorial

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Ghetto (1997)

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Ghetto (miscellaneous) (2011)

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Ghetto, Great Choral Synagogue (ruins)

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Rumbula massacre site and memorials

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Zanis Lipke Monument, rescuer of Jews

LATVIA (LV), Salaspils: Salaspils Concentration Camp site and memorials

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Children’s Memorial @ Kaunas Synagogue, 1997

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: IX Fortas (1997)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: IX Fortas (2011)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Monument to the Victims of Fascism (1997)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Monument to the Victims of Fascism (at IX Fortas) (2011)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Vilijampole District (1997)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Vilijampole (Kaunas ghetto) (2011)

LITHUANIA (LT), Plunge: Kaushenai Mass Grave and Memorials

LITHUANIA (LT), Rainiai: Mass burial grave

LITHUANIA (LT), Rietavas: Murder site of Rabbis Shmuel Fondiler and Abba Rabinovitz

LITHUANIA (LT), Silale: Mass grave site

LITHUANIA (LT), Telsiai: Ghetto

MACEDONIA (MK), Skopje: Holocaust Memorial @ General City Cemetery

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City: Holocaust exhibit, city subway

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City: Holocaust Museum @ Sinagoga Nidje Israel Ashkenazi

MONACO (MC): Holocaust memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

NETHERLANDS (NL), Amsterdam: Dockworker Monument @ Portuguese Synagogue

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Wellington: Holocaust Research & Education Centre

NORWAY (NO), Trondheim: Holocaust memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

POLAND (PL), Bedzin: Ghetto

POLAND (PL), Krakow: Oscar Schindler’s factory

POLAND (PL), Lublin: Majdanek concentration camp

POLAND (PL), Oswiecim: Auschwitz

POLAND (PL), Treblinka: Treblinka extermination camp museum and miscellaneous

POLAND (PL), Treblinka: Treblinka I (one) extermination camp

POLAND (PL), Treblinka: Treblinka II (two) extermination camp

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto Memorial

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, memorial at Ul. Dzika

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, Mila 18 memorial

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, miscellaneous

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, Prozna Street (only remaining ghetto street with tenemants)

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, Umschlagplatz memorial

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, wall remnant at Ul. Zlota

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Mass grave, Okopowa Street Cemetery

ROMANIA (RO), Bucharest: Holocaust memorial @ Choral Synagogue

ROMANIA (RO), Oradea: Holocaust memorial @ Mare Synagogue

RUSSIA (RU), Moscow: Holocaust Memorial Synagogue

RUSSIA (RU), Moscow: Tragedy of Peoples Monument

RWANDA (RW), Kigali. Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre (including Holocaust exhibit)

SERBIA (CS), Belgrade: Holocaust memorial @ Sephardic Jewish Cemetery

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Bloemfontein: Holocaust Memorial @ United Hebrew Institutions of Bloemfontein Synagogue

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: Cape Town Holocaust Centre

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: Holocaust Memorial @ Pinelands Jewish Cemetery #1

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: Holocaust Memorial @ Pinelands Jewish Cemetery #2

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town. Holocaust survivors

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Durban: Durban Holocaust Centre

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), East London: Holocaust Memorial (at East London Hebrew Congregation)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg: Holocaust Memorial @ West Park Cemetery

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg. Holocaust survivors

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Kimberley. Holocaust memorial at New Jewish Cemetery (West End or Green Street Cemetery)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Port Elizabeth: Holocaust Memorial (at Port Elizabeth Orthodox Hebrew Congregation Synagogue)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Pretoria: Holocaust Memorial @ Beit Menorah Progressive Hebrew Congregation

SOUTH AFRICA(ZA), Vanderbijpark. In Whom Can I Still Trust, Nazi persecution of homosexuals exhibit

SWEDEN (SE), Stockholm: Holocaust Memorial and Raoul Wallenberg Memorial @ Great Synagogue

USA (US), Maryland, Baltimore: Holocaust Memorial

USA (US), Washington, D.C.: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Bulawayo: Holocaust Memorial @ Bulawayo Jewish Cemetery

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Holocaust Memorial @ Warren Hills Cemetery

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