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AUSTRALIA (AU), New South Wales, Sydney: Memorial @ Rookwood Necropolis, Jewish Cemetery Trust

AUSTRALIA (AU), Victoria, Melbourne: Memorial @ Melbourne General Cemetery

AUSTRIA (AT), Vienna: Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial

BOSNIA & HERCEGOVINIA (BA), Sarajevo: Memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

BULGARIA (BG), Plovdiv: Memorial @ Zion Synagogue

CHINA (CN), Shanghai: Ghetto memorial for Stateless Refugees, Hangkou District, Huo Shan Park

COLOMBIA (CO), Barranquilla: Memorial @ Cementerio Hebreo Ashkenazi

COLOMBIA (CO), Bogota: Memorial @ Cementerio Hebreo del Sur

CUBA (CU), Guanabacoa (Havana): Memorial @ Union Chevet Ahim Cemetery

CUBA (CU), Havana: Holocaust Memorial Park

CUBA (CU), Santa Clara: Holocaust Memorial @ Cementerio Israelita

DENMARK (DK), Copenhagen: Memorial @ Great Synagogue

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (DO), Santo Domingo: Memorial @ Cementerio Israelita

ECUADOR (EC), Quito: Memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

ENGLAND (UK), London: Raoul Wallenberg Memorial @ Western Marble Arch Synagogue

ESTONIA (EE), Ereda: Ereda Concentration Camp Holocaust Memorial

ESTONIA (EE), Kivioli: Kivioli Concentration Camp Holocaust Memorial

ESTONIA (EE), Klooga: Klooga Labor Camp Holocaust Memorials

ESTONIA (EE), Tallinn: Patarei Vangla (Battery Prison) memorials

ESTONIA (EE), Vaivara. Vaivara 1 and 2 Concentration Camps Holocaust Memorials

FINLAND (FI), Helsinki: Monument to Eight Jewish Refugees Killed in Auschwitz

FRANCE (FR), Nice: Memorial @ Cimetiere Israelite

FRANCE (FR), Paris: Memorial de la Shoah

GERMANY (DE), Berlin: Grunewald Train Station Memorial

GERMANY (DE), Heidelberg: Original Heidelberg Synagogue site, Blue Lily

GREECE (GR), Thessaloniki: Memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

HUNGARY (HU), Budapest: Memorial @ Great Synagogue

HUNGARY (HU), Pecs: Memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

HUNGARY (HU), Szombathely: Memorial @ Szombathely Synagogue

HUNGARY (HU), Sopron: Holocaust memorial

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Chamber of the Holocaust Museum

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Oskar Schindler grave

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial (2004)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority (2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Memorial to Gay Holocaust Victims

KENYA (KE), Nakuru. Holocaust memorial at Jewish Cemetery

ITALY (IT), Venice: Campo de Gheto Holocaust Memorial

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Bikernieki Holocaust Memorial

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Ghetto (1997)

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Ghetto (miscellaneous) (2011)

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Ghetto, Great Choral Synagogue (ruins)

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Rumbula massacre site and memorials

LATVIA (LV), Riga: Zanis Lipke Monument, rescuer of Jews

LATVIA (LV), Salaspils: Salaspils Concentration Camp site and memorials

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Children’s Memorial @ Kaunas Synagogue, 1997

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: IX Fortas (1997)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: IX Fortas (2011)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Monument to the Victims of Fascism (1997)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Monument to the Victims of Fascism (at IX Fortas) (2011)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Vilijampole District (1997)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas: Vilijampole (Kaunas ghetto) (2011)

LITHUANIA (LT), Plunge: Kaushenai Mass Grave and Memorials

LITHUANIA (LT), Rainiai: Mass burial grave

LITHUANIA (LT), Rietavas: Murder site of Rabbis Shmuel Fondiler and Abba Rabinovitz

LITHUANIA (LT), Silale: Mass grave site

LITHUANIA (LT), Telsiai: Ghetto

MACEDONIA (MK), Skopje: Holocaust Memorial @ General City Cemetery

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City: Holocaust exhibit, city subway

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City: Holocaust Museum @ Sinagoga Nidje Israel Ashkenazi

MONACO (MC): Holocaust memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

NETHERLANDS (NL), Amsterdam: Dockworker Monument @ Portuguese Synagogue

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Wellington: Holocaust Research & Education Centre

NORWAY (NO), Trondheim: Holocaust memorial @ Jewish Cemetery

POLAND (PL), Bedzin: Ghetto

POLAND (PL), Krakow: Oscar Schindler’s factory

POLAND (PL), Lublin: Majdanek concentration camp

POLAND (PL), Oswiecim: Auschwitz

POLAND (PL), Treblinka: Treblinka extermination camp museum and miscellaneous

POLAND (PL), Treblinka: Treblinka I (one) extermination camp

POLAND (PL), Treblinka: Treblinka II (two) extermination camp

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto Memorial

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, memorial at Ul. Dzika

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, Mila 18 memorial

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, miscellaneous

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, Prozna Street (only remaining ghetto street with tenemants)

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, Umschlagplatz memorial

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Ghetto, wall remnant at Ul. Zlota

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Mass grave, Okopowa Street Cemetery

ROMANIA (RO), Bucharest: Holocaust memorial @ Choral Synagogue

ROMANIA (RO), Oradea: Holocaust memorial @ Mare Synagogue

RUSSIA (RU), Moscow: Holocaust Memorial Synagogue

RUSSIA (RU), Moscow: Tragedy of Peoples Monument

RWANDA (RW), Kigali. Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre (including Holocaust exhibit)

SERBIA (CS), Belgrade: Holocaust memorial @ Sephardic Jewish Cemetery

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Bloemfontein: Holocaust Memorial @ United Hebrew Institutions of Bloemfontein Synagogue

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: Cape Town Holocaust Centre

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: Holocaust Memorial @ Pinelands Jewish Cemetery #1

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: Holocaust Memorial @ Pinelands Jewish Cemetery #2

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town. Holocaust survivors

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Durban: Durban Holocaust Centre

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), East London: Holocaust Memorial (at East London Hebrew Congregation)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg: Holocaust Memorial @ West Park Cemetery

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg. Holocaust survivors

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg. Tribute to Chiune Sugihara: Righteous Among Nations, in conjunction with the SAJBD, JHGC, and the Embassy of Japan

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Kimberley. Holocaust memorial at New Jewish Cemetery (West End or Green Street Cemetery)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Port Elizabeth: Holocaust Memorial (at Port Elizabeth Orthodox Hebrew Congregation Synagogue)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Pretoria: Holocaust Memorial @ Beit Menorah Progressive Hebrew Congregation

SOUTH AFRICA(ZA), Vanderbijpark. In Whom Can I Still Trust, Nazi persecution of homosexuals exhibit

SWEDEN (SE), Stockholm: Holocaust Memorial and Raoul Wallenberg Memorial @ Great Synagogue

USA (US), Maryland, Baltimore: Holocaust Memorial

USA (US), Washington, D.C.: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Bulawayo: Holocaust Memorial @ Bulawayo Jewish Cemetery

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Holocaust Memorial @ Warren Hills Cemetery

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