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Welcome! So, you’d like to be a supporting partner. Excellent! There are several ways to support HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library (HHJPL): 1, a direct donation in which 100% of your funds will go to HHJPL (please contact Jono David for mailing instructions to send personal checks); 2, click the DONATE button to send an instant donation via Paypal (minus 3% Paypal handling fees); 3, by contributing to Meshuggah for Mezuzah (outlined below); 4, by purchasing an HHJPL calendar (see below or visit the STORE). How ever you choose to support HHJPL and by how ever much, know that you are not just sending financial help, but becoming a partner. Thank you for sparing your time and supporting HHJPL!




Why donate to HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library? That’s a good question. When I started out photographing all things Jewish well over a decade ago, I never envisioned doing so would become the central aspect of my life that it is today. Now, I cannot imagine my life without the pursuit of Jewish cultural documentation through photographs. It’s what I do. It’s what moves me. It’s what inspires me. It’s what challenges me, intrigues me, surprises me, and even, at times, disappoints me. My work has taken me on a road less traveled replete with unique adventures, a road that is sometimes lonely, yet never without serendipity. That road is always full of incredible people who have done remarkable things to assist and welcome me. I do this Jewish photo work because I believe it is important. I am a Jewish photographic documentarian, and my work will be my legacy. I am grateful for the words of encouragement, the plaudits, and expressions of amazement. All of it breathes air into my sails and further validates my mission of safeguarding Jewish communities in photos for posterity. When you think about it, my labor of love is not so different from anyone else’s: to live a life full of inspiration, adventure, and challenge and to document it all, to share it, to safeguard it, and to leave a beauty mark on the world. Supporting my current Jewish Africa photo survey project is an opportunity to be a partner in a legacy that is bigger than oneself, a legacy of a people, the Jewish people, the Jewish people of Africa. You can assist in bringing their story home and weaving the threads of Jewish Africa into your life. Visit my website, make a donation today, and your name will be listed in the supporters acknowledgments of a future Jewish Africa photo book (applies to donations of “chai” or more, i.e. US$18+). All donations will go directly towards the high costs of photographing Jewish Africa. Imagine — as I do — a big, fat, over-sized, full-color coffee-table-style photo book with not only a visual history of the Jews of Africa, but with your name in it. Now that would be a most beautiful beauty mark of your own! For donations, please click the donate button. Thank you!
MESHUGGAH for MEZUZAH! Please help me round up a bunch of mezuzahs (kosher parchments) and mezuzah covers in support of “emerging” and less self-sufficient Jewish communities of Africa. Your generous donation will be enthusiastically welcomed by all recipients in far-flung towns and villages in countries such as Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Tunisia and you will also indirectly be supporting my Jewish Africa photo survey project by helping to deflect the expense of gifts I must otherwise absorb myself. Kosher mezuzah scrolls generally start from US$30, while mezuzah covers cost as little as US$5. Suggested online stores: Be a donor; be a supporter; be a partner. For details on how to get the mezuzahs and covers to me, please send me a private message via FB or email me prior to making any purchases. THANK YOU!
SYNAGOGUES OF AFRICA is a colorful 12-month Jewish-themed calendar (January 2016 ~ December 2016 / Tevet 5776 ~ Tevet 5777) celebrating SYNAGOGUES OF AFRICA from HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library. All 25 images by photographer Jono David. The images feature in Jono David’s project, Jewish Africa: A Cultural and Historical Photographic Survey ( CALENDAR SPECIFICATIONS: All major Jewish holidays are listed. 25 pages, 11 inches x 8.5 inches (28cm x 21.5cm), coil binding, white interior paper (100# weight), full-color interior ink. US$19.99 (plus shipping & handling). Usually printed in 3-5 days and shipped within 1 week of ordering. TO ORDER: Either click on the BUY NOW button in the top right corner of the preview window, or click on the SHOPPING CART icon in the bottom right corner of the preview window (to the left of the LULU logo) — then, follow the directions.

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