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NB: Please use this page for individual photo orders only.

To order items within STORE, please click on specific items within the STORE page.

For image / text orders, please observe the following procedures

1. Contact Jono David via email (jono@gol.com) PRIOR to making payments.
2. Identify your business (company) and/or purpose (include web address, if available).
3. State the IMAGE(S) PHOTO ID NUMBER(S) you require.
4. For prints, state desired print size (including mat or gloss paper — gloss images will be printed in the event user does not stipulate paper type).
5. State your intended use/publication of image(s).
6. State deadlines for delivery of image(s).
7. Await Jono David response with order and fee CONFIRMATION / INVOICE.
8. Upon receipt of order confirmation/invoice, proceed with payment (see PAYMENT below).

Inquiries are usually responded to within 24 hours. Once orders and pricing have been confirmed with the user by Jono David, users will be INVOICED by return email via Paypal. Users should then proceed with payment via PayPal (see PAYMENT below).


All payments via PayPal —

STEPS (how to use PayPal) —

Jono David will email you an INVOICE via PayPal, then:

1. Log-In to PayPal (https://www.paypal.comno account or sign up is required to make payments)
2. Click on SEND MONEY tab
3. Complete SEND MONEY fields:
– Recipient’s email: jono@gol.com
– Amount: US$ only
– Category of Purchase, select: Goods
– click > CONTINUE
4. Confirmation and completion of order

Jono David is PayPal VERIFIED. Please check Jono David’s verification by using the following link (PayPal sign-in required): Jono David PayPal Verification. NOTE: There is an ‘S’ following ‘http’. This S means PayPal is a secure website.


JPEG (digital) orders shall generally be emailed within 24 hours from the date of payment confirmation to the email address provided in the order.

Print/CD-ROM orders shall generally be posted within 5 to 7 business days from the date of payment confirmation to the postal address provided in the order.

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