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ANGOLA (AO), Benguela: Nancy’s (Gottlieb) English School and Guest House

ANGOLA (AO), Luanda: Irene Cohen Square

ANGOLA (AO), Luanda: Raphael Singer, Ambassador of Israel to Angola (Sao Tome & Principe and Mozambique)

ANGOLA (AO), Luanda: Torre Maculusso, Israeli-built office building

AUSTRALIA (AU), South Australia, Adelaide: Massada College, Adelaide Hebrew Congregation

AUSTRALIA (AU, Tasmania, Hobart: Temple House (formerly, Argyle House), former residence of the Solomon and Benjamin mercantile families

AUSTRALIA (AU, Victoria, Melbourne: Joseph Kryss Wholistic Spiritual Centre & Library

AUSTRALIA (AU, Victoria, Melbourne: Monarch Cakes (Jewish bakery)

BARBADOS (BB), Bridgetown: Old Jewish School

BOLIVIA (BO), La Paz: Circulo Israelita

BOLIVIA (BO), La Paz: Colegio Boliviano Israelita

BOTSWANA (BW), Gaborone. Ma’ariv service

BOTSWANA (BW), Gaborone. Richard Lyons, Chairman of the Jewish Community of Botswana

BULGARIA (BG), Sofia: Mikvah @ Great Synagogue

CAMEROON (CM), Douala: Beth Yehourun Jewish community members

CAMEROON (CM), Douala: Mezuzah, put up by spiritual leader Serge Etele (at Ambomo family home)

CAMEROON (CM), Sa’a: Beth Yeshourun community members (at community prayer/social hall

CAMEROON (CM), Sa’a: Miscellaneous, Beth Yeshourun Jewish community

CAMEROON (CM), Sa’a: Moreh Nachman Etele, Beth Yeshourun community leader, on his cocoa farm

CAMEROON (CM), Yaounde. Jewish Community Center, Beth Yeshourun Jewish Community

CAPE VERDE (CV), Ponta do Sol. Miscellaneous (including Rua Direita, main Jewish street)

CAPE VERDE (CV), Sal Rei. Chapel of Fatima (built by Jewish Pioneer David Benoliel)

CAPE VERDE (CV), Sal Rei. Praia de David (David Beach)

CAPE VERDE (CV), Sinagoga. Sinagoga Village

CEUTA (Spain) (ES). Carlos Chochron memorial

CEUTA (Spain) (ES). Classroom, Beth El Synagogue

CEUTA (Spain) (ES). Jewish streets and plazas

CEUTA (Spain) (ES). Joseph Ben Yehuda Ibn-Aknin, philosopher, monument

CEUTA (Spain) (ES). Shops (Jewish-owned), miscellaneous

CHINA (CN), Hong Kong: Kindergarten kids @ Ohel Leah Synagogue

CHINA (CN), Shanghai: Mikvah @ Shanghai Jewish Center

CONGO, D. R. (CD). Juifs du Congo, La Confiance et l’espoir (The Jews of Congo, Confidence and Hope), (book) by Moise Rahmani

CONGO, D. R. (CD), Kinshasa. Classroom at Communaute Israelite de Kinshasa

CONGO, D. R. (CD), Kinshasa. Mikvah at Communaute Israelite de Kinshasa

CONGO, D. R. (CD), Lubumbashi. Miscellaneous

CONGO, D. R. (CD), Lubumbashi. Weizmann Hall (former) (social hall, theater, offices)

CUBA (CU), Caibarien: Julito Rodrigues Eli, his home and family

CUBA (CU), Guantanamo: Mizrahi family

CUBA (CU), Havana: Kosher Butcher

CUBA (CU), Havana: “Jewish” Hotel Raquel

CUBA (CU), Sancti Spiritus: Jose Barlia Loyarte family home, Villa Elisa

CUBA (CU), Santiago de Cuba: Dance performance and party @ Comunidad Hebrea Hatikva & Community Center

CUBA (CU), Santiago de Cuba: Former residence of the rabbi

CURACAO (CUR), Willemstad: Mikvah @ Jewish Historical Cultural Museum

CURACAO (CUR), Willemstad: Scharloo District, old Jewish neighborhood

EGYPT (EG), Cairo. Magen David (Stars of David), miscellaneous

EL SALVADOR (SV), San Salvador: Plaza Arafat

EL SALVADOR (SV), San Salvador: Plaza Israel

EL SALVADOR (SV), San Salvador: Plaza Palestina

ENGLAND (UK), London. Chapel and Prayer Room, Gatwick Airport

ENGLAND (UK), London. Miscellaneous

ENGLAND (UK), London. Museum of London, miscellaneous Jewish items

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Building/home (former), Shoa Banin

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Home (former), Shoa Menachem Joseph (now, Pension Milano)

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Home door (former), Salem Yitzhak (building owned by Moshe Awad (Sami Cohen’s grandfather)

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Home door (former), Shimon Kazen Yehiya Cohen (building owned by Moshe Awad (Sami Cohen’s grandfather)

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Homes (former) of Jewish families

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Kosher butchery (former)

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Sami Cohen, “The Last Jew of Eritrea”

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Sami Cohen residence

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Shop front (former), Banin family

ERITREA (ER), Asmara. Shops (former) (various)

ESTONIA (EE), Kohtla-Jarve: Ida-Virumaa Jewish Community Center

ESTONIA (EE), Tallinn: Israeli Ambassador to Estonia/Finland farewell concert

ESTONIA (EE), Tallinn: Jeruusalemm Kosher Restaurant

ESTONIA (EE), Tallinn: Jewish Community Center of Estonia

ESTONIA (EE), Tallinn: Jewish school (at the Jewish Community Center)

ETHIOPIA (ET), Addis Ababa. Chabad-Lubavitch of Addis Ababa

ETHIOPIA (ET), Felasha Village (Gondar). Felasha village

ETHIOPIA (ET), Felasha Village (Gondar). Library

FINLAND (FI), Helsinki: Chabad Lubavitch of Finland

GABON (GA), Bitam. Bitam Jewish Community members

GABON (GA), Bitam. Miscellaneous

GABON (GA), Oyem. Oyem Jewish Community house and members

GABON (GA), Oyem. Site of future Oyem synagogue

GHANA (GH), Dwenase Town: Akiva Kenah, community chairman, and daughter Rachel

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra; Aidoo (Isaac and Florence) family home

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra; Alex Armah, spiritual leader

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra; Alex Armah, spiritual leader, with his Certificate of Introduction to Rabbinics

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra: Guesthouse, House of Israel Jewish community

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra: Mezuzah (new), guesthouse, put up by spiritual leader Alex Armah

GHANA (GH), New Adiembra: Mezuzah (new), Tifereth Synagogue, put up by spiritual leader Alex Armah

HONDURAS (HN), Tegucigalpa: Sunday School @ Sinagoga Shevet Ajim

ICELAND (IS), Reykjavik. Iðnó Building, formerly used for Jewish prayer during WW2

ICELAND (IS), Reykjavik. Jacobsson House, formerly owned by a Jewish Danish merchant

ICELAND (IS), Reykjavik. Miscellaneous

INDIA (IN), Alibag/Pen (Konkan Coast, Maharashtra): Roadside Jewish soda stand “D Shalom”

INDIA (IN), Delhi: Judah Hyam Hall Synagogue: Lecture, visitors, Shabbat (Friday, March 6, 2009)

INDIA (IN), Ernakulam (Kochi/Cochin) (Kerala): Engagement Party of Shafeer and Pinky

INDIA (IN), Ernakulam (Kochi/Cochin) (Kerala): Isaac Joshua and wife

INDIA (IN), Ernakulam (Kochi/Cochin) (Kerala): Jews Street

INDIA (IN), Kochi (Cochin) (Kerala): Jewish children’s playground

INDIA (IN), Kochi (Cochin) (Kerala): Synagogue Lane, Jew Town

INDIA (IN), Kolkata (Calcutta): Nahoum & Sons Bakery and Confectionary

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): David Sassoon Library and Reading Room

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): E.E.E. Sassoon High School (adjacent to Magen David Synagogue)

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue 125th anniversary celebrations

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): Moshe’s Bakery Cafe

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): Sassoon House guesthouse (adjacent to Magen David Synagogue)

INDIA (IN), Mumbai (Bombay): Sir Jacob Sassoon High School (adjacent to Magen David Synagogue)

INDIA (IN), Parur (Paravoor) (Kerala): Home of Namias, the only Jewish family in Parur

INDONESIA (ID), Manado. Yaacov Eli Baruch at Ohel Yaacov Synagogue

ISRAEL (IL). Flag of the State of Israel (at Caesarea)

ISRAEL (IL). Israel Rail (train)

ISRAEL (IL), Miscellaneous (1983, 1984, 2004)

ISRAEL (IL), Akko. Crusader Fortress of the Knights of the Hospital and the Ottoman-Turkish Citadel of Akko

ISRAEL (IL), Akko. Miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Akko. Templars Tunnel

ISRAEL (IL), Apollonia: Apollonia, a.k.a. Arsuf

ISRAEL (IL), Beit Shemesh: Tel Beit Shemesh

ISRAEL (IL), Caesarea: Caesarea (3.2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Caesarea. Caesarea (4.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Caesarea. Caesarea (4.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Dead Sea. Kalia Beach

ISRAEL (IL), Ein Gedi. Ein Gedi

ISRAEL (IL), Ein Gedi. Rock hyrax, aka rock badger cape hyrax

ISRAEL (IL), Haifa. Bahai Gardens

ISRAEL (IL), Haifa. Carmelit (underground funicular railway)

ISRAEL (IL), Haifa. Haifa vistas

ISRAEL (IL), Haifa. Tikotin Japanese Art Museum

ISRAEL (IL), Jaffa (Yafo). Miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Aish HaTorah World Center

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Cardo (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Cardo (8.2106)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: City of David

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. City of David (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Dormition Abbey

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Flag of the State of Israel (at Mount Herzl)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Kidron Valley (2012)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Knesset (Israeli Parliament)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Knesset (Parliament) (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Mahane Yehuda Market

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Mahane Yeduda Market, shutter art

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Me’a She’arim

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Miscellaneous (2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem: Miscellaneous (2012)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Miscellaneous (9.2014)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Miscellaneous (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Model of Old City (at Israel Museum)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Room of the Last Supper

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Shrine of the Book (Dead Sea Scrolls), at the Israel Museum

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Tower of David (and Tower of David Museum, exterior)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Views over the Muslim Quarter, Old City

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Yad Sarah

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Yoel Moshe Salomon Street

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem. Zion Square and environs

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Armenian Quarter

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Church of the Holy Sepulcher (2.2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Church of the Holy Sepulcher (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Church of the Holy Sepulchre (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Dome of the Rock (Temple Mount) (2.2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Jewish Quarter

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City: Miscellaneous images (2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Temple Mount (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Temple Mount (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Via Dolorosa (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City. Via Dolorosa (8.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Armenian Quarter. Miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. King David Tomb

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter: Kotel, Western Wall (3.2004)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter: Kotel (Western Wall) (2.2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter: Kotel (Western Wall) (3.2012)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Kotel (Western Wall) (9.2014)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Kotel (Western Wall) (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Kotel (Western Wall) (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Kotel (Western Wall) (8.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Miscellaneous (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Jewish Quarter. Miscellaneous (8.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Jerusalem, Old City, Muslim Quarter. Austrian Hospice

ISRAEL (IL), Judean Hills. Vistas east of Jerusalem

ISRAEL (IL), Kefar Sava: Tomb of Benjamin

ISRAEL (IL), Masada. Masada (2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Masada. Masada (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Masada. Masada (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Masada. Masada cable car

ISRAEL (IL), Netanya. Beach

ISRAEL (IL), Ra’anana. Music Recital @ the Conservatory

ISRAEL (IL), Rehovot. Weizmann Institute of Science

ISRAEL (IL), Rosh Ha’Ayin. Mirabel Crusader Castle

ISRAEL (IL), Rosh Ha’Ayin. Tel Afek at Antipatris

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv: Azrieli Center

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Beach (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Beach (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Beach (9.2014)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Beach (8.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) International Airport

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Habima (National) Theater

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Jaffa Railway Station (former Jaffa-Jerusalem Railway)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Miscellaneous (2010)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Miscellaneous (2012)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Miscellaneous (9.2014)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Miscellaneous (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Yafo (Jaffa). Miscellaneous (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv: Nachalat Binyamin Street

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Nachlat Binyamin Street (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv: Neve Tzedek neighborhood

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Neve Tzedek neighborhood, miscellaneous (3.2015)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Neve Tzedek neighborhood, miscellaneous (3.2016)

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Old Jaffa-Jerusalem Train Station

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Rothschild Blvd.

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Sarona Market

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv, central, miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv, south, miscellaneous

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Yaacov Agam fountain, Fire and Water

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Aviv. Yitzhak Rabin Memorial, Rabin Square

ISRAEL (IL), Tel Megiddo: Tel Megiddo (Armageddon)

ISRAEL (IL), Tira (Arab-Israeli village). Q Schools (English school)

ISRAEL (IL). Korean Airlines flight KE958, Tel Aviv to Seoul, March 6, 2010

ISRAEL (IL), Zichron Yaacov. Benjamin’s Pool

JAMAICA (JM), Kingston. Hillel Academy Preparatory & High Schools

JAMAICA (JM), Kingston. Isaac Mendes Belisario, Jamaica’s most important Jewish artist; exhibit at the National Museum

JAMAICA (JM), Kingston. Magen David (Star of David) @ Bob Marley Museum

JAMAICA (JM), Kingston. Shaare Shalom Synagogue, Mayor Desmond McKenzie presents Keys to City

JAMAICA (JM), Port Royal. Views of the former Jewish center

JAMAICA (JM), Spanish Town. Views of the former Jewish center

JAPAN (JP), Hakone. My Seven Pillars of Wisdom

KENYA (KE), Nairobi. Charles Szlapak, Honorary Life Chairman & Trustee, Nairobi Hebrew Congregation

KENYA (KE), Nairobi. Mikvah (at Nairobi Synagogue)

KENYA (KE), Nairobi. Vermont Memorial Hall (at Nairobi Synagogue)

LATVIA (LV), Riga. Jewish school

LATVIA (LV), Riga. Old Choral Synagogue ruins

LATVIA (LV), Riga. Shamir, Jewish Association (at former Zeilen Shul)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. JCC Women’s Club

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Jewish hospital (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Jewish school (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Kaunas. Yavne Boys High School (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Plunge. Miscellaneous

LITHUANIA (LT), Telsiai. Telsiai Yeshiva (former)

LITHUANIA (LT), Vilnius. Jewish Community Center of Vilnius

LITHUANIA (LT), Vilnius. Monuments, Memorials, Buildings

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, historical booklet

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, group portraits

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, Georges Rakotomisa in Israel 1961

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, Shabbat kiddush

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, Shabbat service

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Beit HaTefila Israel, service brochure

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Prince Ndriana Rabarioelina, PhD. Direct descendant of Aaron the High Priest

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Raherimasoandro Hery Andriamamonjy, President of the Shalom Club of Madagascar

MADAGASCAR (MG), Antananarivo. Miscellaneous

MADEIRA (Portugal) (PT), Funchal. Joao Goncalves Zarco, Christian convert from Judaism and discoverer of Madeira island

MADEIRA (Portugal) (PT), Funchal. Private home formerly used for prayers

MADEIRA (Portugal) (PT), Funchal. Santa Clara Convent, Jewish-themed details

MALAYSIA (MY), Penang. Modi Mordecai, the last permanent Jewish resident of Penang

MAURITIUS (MU): The Mauritian Shekel (book)

MAURITIUS (MU), Bain Boeuf: Chabad

MAURITIUS (MU), St. Martins: Jewish Burial Register (at cemetery office)

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Barrio Hebreo (Jewish Quarter), former

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). D. Yamin A. Benarroch memorial

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Jacob Salama home (former)

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Jewish Community Center

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Miscellaneous

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). People

MELILLA (Spain) (ES). Sefarad sculpture

MEXICO (MX), Cuernavaca: Eishel (retirement home)

MEXICO (MX), Huixquilucan (Mexico City): Nuevo Colegio Israelita I. L. Peretz (Naye)

MEXICO (MX), Mexico City: Kadima Day Care Center

MOROCCO (MA), Ait Ben Haddou. Ksar Ait Ben Haddou

MOROCCO (MA), Casablanca. Cirque de l’Alliance (Jewish Social Club)

MOROCCO (MA), Demnate. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Essaouira. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Fes. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Marrakesh. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Meknes. Talmud Torah Jewish School (defunct)

MOROCCO (MA), Ouarzazate. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Rissani. House of Baba Sali (Rabbi Israel Abuhatzira)

MOROCCO (MA), Rissani. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Sefrou. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Sefrou. Talmud Torah Jewish School

MOROCCO (MA), Tahala. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Circulo Israelita de Tanger

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Communaute Israelite de Tanger Residence Laredo-Sabbah-Benchimol

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. Miscellaneous

MOROCCO (MA), Tangier. People

MOROCCO (MA), Tinghir. Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Tiznit. Aitoufrane, Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOROCCO (MA), Tiznit. Ouzzane, Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)

MOZAMBIQUE (MZ), Maputo: People

MYANMAR (MM), Yangon: Mikvah @ Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue

NAMIBIA (NA), Luderitz: Miscellaneous

NAMIBIA (NA), Luderitz: Shark Island (German extermination camp of Herero people)

NAMIBIA (NA), Swakopmund: Sam Cohen Library

NAMIBIA (NA): Various Biblical-named (Jewish-named) places

NAMIBIA (NA), Windhoek: NamCot Diamonds Ltd.

NAMIBIA (NA), Windhoek: Pupkewitz businesses etc.

NAMIBIA (NA), Windhoek: Sam Cohen Hall (former) and rabbi’s house (former)

NEW ZEALAND, Auckland, Meadowbank: Raye Freedman Library

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland, Oratia, West Coast Road: Taharah (burial preparation) House, Oratia Cemetery

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: (Arthur Mielziner) Myers Park (Mayor of Auckland 1905~1910, and MP)

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: (Sir Julius) Vogel Lane and Sky Tower; NZ premier from 1873~5 and 1876

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: Auckland Hebrew Congregation, school

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: Greys Avenue Deli @ Auckland Hebrew Congregation

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Auckland: Henry Keesing house (Jewish pioneer), Bankside Street

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Dunedin: Miscellaneous

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Dunedin: Olveston House, home of David and Marie Theomin, and children Edward and Dorothy

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Wellington: Parochet at Te Papa Museum

NEW ZEALAND (NZ), Wellington: Yitzhak Rabin memorial

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja. Chabad House of Abuja

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja. On the way to Abuja Synagogue

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja. Shabbat Preparations, Chabad-Lubavitch of Abuja

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja, Gudaba. Community members, Beit Knesset Siyah Yisrael

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja, Jikwoyi. Community building, Ghihon Hebrews’ Synagogue

NIGERIA (NG), Abuja, Jikwoyi. Community members, Ghihon Hebrews’ Synagogue

PANANMA (PA), Panama City: Colegio Isaac Rabin

POLAND (PL), Bedzin: 19th century wall murals in former synagogue, at Fundacja Brama Cukermana

POLAND (PL), Bedzin: Jewish hospital (former), across from cemetery

POLAND (PL), Bedzin: Jewish hospital (former), Podzamcze Street

POLAND (PL), Bedzin: Miscellaneous

POLAND (PL), Bedzin: Tenemants

POLAND (PL), Bialystok: Street with old headstones

POLAND (PL), Lublin: Mandragora Jewish Pub and Cafe

POLAND (PL), Lublin: Miscellaneous

POLAND (PL), Sosnowiec: Miscellaneous

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Chabad Lubavitch of Poland

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Praga District, miscellaneous

POLAND (PL), Warsaw: Sklep Kosterny Kosher Store and Gift Shop

PUERTO RICO (PR), San Juan: San Juan Museum, special Jewish exhibition

REUNION (RE), Saint-Denis. Meeting/prayer room of the Jewish community of Reunion

REUNION (RE), Saint-Denis. Sight of future Jewish community center

RUSSIA (RU), Moscow: Moscow Jewish Community Center (MJCC)

RUSSIA (RU), Moscow: Shaarei Tzedek Humanitarian Center

RUSSIA (RU), Moscow: Sholem Aleichem Monument

RUSSIA (RU), St. Petersburg: Gift Shop/Kosher Store (at Grand Choral Synagogue)

RUSSIA (RU), St. Petersburg: Jewish Buildings (former)

RUSSIA (RU), St. Petersburg: Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg

RUSSIA (RU), St. Petersburg: YESOD Jewish Community Home

RWANDA (RW), Rwamagana. Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village (ASYV)

SENEGAL (SN), Dakar. Ambassador of Israel to Senegal Paul Hirschson

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Bethlehem. Social Hall (adjacent to synagogue)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Bloemfontein. Memorial Garden at United Hebrew Institutions Bloemfontein Synagogue

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town, Gardens: Jacob Gitlin Library

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town, Gardens. Jan Christiaan Smuts statues

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town, Oranjezicht. Jewish Cape Care (JCC), Highlands House Cape Jewish Aged Home

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town, Sea Point: Chabad Centre, making shofar

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town, Sea Point: Jewish Cape Care (JCC), Cape Jewish Seniors Association

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: Aviva (actress/singer) and mother Santa Pelham, Holocaust survivor

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies & Research, University of Cape Town

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: ASTRA Centre for Sheltered Employment & Rosecourt Group Home

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Cape Town: Stephen “Sugar” Segerman

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Durban: Beth Shalom (Jewish Aged Home)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Durban: Durban Jewish Club (offices and social halls)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Durban: Masada (sheltered employment for the disadvantaged)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), East London: East London H.C. One Hundred Year History 1898~1998 (book)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), East London: Eli and Alte Spilkin Social Centre

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), East London: Jono David presentation (March 10, 2013), East London HC

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg: Jewish Memories of Mandela (book)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg: Rabbi J. L. Landau Collection, Wits University

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg: South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS), Beit Midrash, Wits University

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg: South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS), Wits University, Lunch Party

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Fairmount. Hatzolah (emergency medical services)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Glenhazel: Chevrah Kadisha, Arcadia (Jewish Children Care Home)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Glenhazel: Chevrah Kadisha, Sandringham Gardens (Care Home for the Elderly)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Glenhazel: Chevrah Kadisha, Selwyn Segal (Care Centre for the Disabled)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Glenhazel: Wall murals @ Beyachad

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Houghton. Nelson Mandela house (“Magen David”)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Houghton. Satyagraha House, Mohandas Gandhi home (1908-9), adjacent to Pine Street Shul

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Houghton: Yiddish class (at Great Park Synagogue)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Norwood: Chevrah Kadisha, Our Parents Home (Care Home for the Elderly)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Orchards: Beth Din (Jewish courts)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Orchards: Lunch club, Sephardic Hebrew Congregation

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Parktown: Choir practice, Beit Emanuel Progressive Hebrew Congregation

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Parktown: Conversion Class, Beit Emanuel Progressive Hebrew Congregation

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Parktown: Torah Breakfast Club, Beit Emanuel Progressive Hebrew Congregation

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Raedene: ChaiFM Radio, Jono David interview and station

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Raedene. Elona Steinfeld, Research Coordinator of South African Friends of Beth Hatfutsot (at Beyachad)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Raedene. Isaac Reznik, ChaiFM Radio presenter

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Raedene. Trevor’s Quality Kosher Butchery

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Johannesburg, Rouxville: Nussbaums Kosher Butchery

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Kimberley. Jewish hearse (at The Big Hole)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Kimberley. Social Hall (adjacent to Kimberley Synagogue)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Klerksdorp: 100th anniversary commemorative brochure, Klerksdorp H.C.

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Klerksdorp: Miscellaneous

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Kroonstad: Miscellaneous

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Manavhela. Community Centre, Lemba Cultural Association (LCA)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Manavhela. Community members, Lemba Cultural Association (LCA)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Oudtshoorn: Evening service (at Oudtshoorn Synagogue)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Oudtshoorn: Jewish school

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Oudtshoorn: Jono David presentation at Rotary Club

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Oudtshoorn: Mikvah (at Queen Street Shul)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Oudtshoorn: Rabbi’s house

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Parys: Miscellaneous

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA): People, miscellaneous

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Plettenberg Bay: Mikvah (at Plettenberg Bay H.C. Synagogue)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Port Elizabeth: Mikvah (at P.E. Orthodox Synagogue)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Port Elizabeth: Raleigh Street Shul Centenary (brochure)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Radium. Radium Milling Co.

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Stellenbosch. Backsberg Estate Cellars

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Stellenbosch: S. Zetler & Sons Farming Enterprises Pty Ltd

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Sweetwaters. Cultural Centre, Lemba Cultural Association (LCA)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Sweetwaters. School building (former), Lemba Cultural Association (LCA)

SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), Warmbaths (Bela-Bela). Starky’s (traditional African herbal shop)

SPAIN (ES), Toledo: Samuel Halevi monument

ST. EUSTATIUS (STE), Oranjestad: Cantor’s House ruins

ST. EUSTATIUS (STE), Oranjestad: Mikvah @ Honen Dalim Synagogue

ST. EUSTATIUS (STE), Oranjestad: Synagogue Path

SURINAME (SR), Jodensavanne: Medicinal Well

SWAZILAND (SZ), Malkerns. Tony Marshak, C.E.O. Swazi Candles

TUNISIA (TN), Djerba, Hara Kebira. Miscellaneous

TUNISIA (TN), Djerba, Hara Kebira. Rabbi Shalom Jewish School

TUNISIA (TN), Djerba, Hara Sghira. Hiloula compound, Synagogue La Ghriba

TUNISIA (TN), Djerba, Hara Sghira. Jewish streets

TUNISIA (TN), Zarzis. Miscellaneous

UGANDA (UG), Entebbe. Old Entebbe Airport (site of 1976 “Raid on Entebbe”)

UGANDA (UG), Nabugoye Village. Abayudaya Guest House

UGANDA (UG), Nabugoye Village. Mikvah

UGANDA (UG), Nabugoye Village. Miscellaneous

UGANDA (UG), Nabugoye Village. Semei Kakungulu High School

UGANDA (UG), Nabugoye Village. Shalom Shopping Centre and Internet

UGANDA (UG), Namakwekwe Village. Tobin Health Clinic

UGANDA (UG), Namanyonyi Village. Hadassah Primary School

UGANDA (UG), Namanyonyi Village. Samson Mugambe (house and grave)

UGANDA (UG), Namanyonyi Sub-county. Peace Kawomera Growers Coop Society

UGANDA (UG), Nangolo Village. Mama Deborah, mother of Rabbi Gershom Sizomu

UGANDA (UG), Putti Village. Miscellaneous

UNITED NATIONS (UN), New York, New York City: Holocaust exhibit and Marc Chagall “Peace Windows”

USA (US), Maryland, Frederick: Weinberg Building, former home of the benefactors of Beth Sholom Synagogue

USA (US), Maryland, Rockville: Jewish Social Services, Ina Kay Building

USA (US), New York, New York City: Miscellaneous (2008)

USA (US), New York, New York City: Miscellaneous (2012)

USA (US), New York, New York City, Brooklyn: 13th Avenue and 50th Street

USA (US), New York, New York City, Brooklyn: Bobov Promenade (48th Street and 15th Avenue)

USA (US), New York, New York City, Brooklyn: Bobover Chasidim Matzoh Bakery @ Mesivta Etz Chaim of Bobov

USA (US), New York, New York City, Brooklyn: Boro Park Y

USA (US), New York, New York City, Brooklyn: Shatzer Matzoh Bakery

USA (US), New York, New York City, Manhattan: Barney Greengrass (appetizing store and restaurant)

USA (US), New York, New York City, Manhattan: Zabars

USA (US), Washington, D.C.: DCJCC, Washington D.C. Jewish Community Center

VENEZUELA (VE), Caracas: Mikvah @ Chabad de Caracas

VIETNAM (VN), Ho Chi Minh City: Mikvah, Chabad Jewish Center of Vietnam

WEST BANK (WB), Bethlehem Municipality: Rachel’s Tomb

WEST BANK (WB), Hebron: Beit Hadassah

WEST BANK (WB), Hebron: Cave (Tomb) of the Patriarchs (Cave of Machpelah)

WEST BANK (WB), Hebron: Grave of Yishai and Ruth

WEST BANK (WB), Hebron: Hebron Martyrs Museum

WEST BANK (WB), Hebron: Tel Hebron (Tel Rumeida)

ZAMBIA (ZM), Kitwe: Miscellaneous

ZAMBIA (ZM), Livingstone: Mikvah (at the former Livingstone Synagogue)

ZAMBIA (ZM), Livingstone: Miscellaneous

ZAMBIA (ZM), Livingstone: Harry and Elie Susman, The Rhodes-Livingstone Museum clock and shop

ZAMBIA (ZM), Luanshya: Miscellaneous

ZAMBIA (ZM), Lusaka: Ann Guttman house, Buffalo Hall

ZAMBIA (ZM), Lusaka: Behrens Cinema

ZAMBIA (ZM), Lusaka: Galaun home (former)

ZAMBIA (ZM), Lusaka: Galaunia Farms Limited

ZAMBIA (ZM), Lusaka: Grand Hotel (former)

ZAMBIA (ZM), Lusaka: Jewish homes (former)

ZAMBIA (ZM), Lusaka: Rabbi’s house (former; at Lusaka Synagogue)

ZAMBIA (ZM), Lusaka: Stanley Fischer house (former)

ZAMBIA (ZM), Lusaka: Zukas, Simon and Cynthia

ZAMBIA (ZM), Ndola: Dr. Damie Street

ZAMBIA (ZM), Ndola: Lowenthal Theatre

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Bulawayo: Carmel Jewish School (former)

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Bulawayo: Parkview Weizmann Sports Club

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Bulawayo: People

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Bulawayo: Ruvale Farm

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Bulawayo: Savyon Lodge (retirement home)

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Bulawayo: SGOFOTI and Rabbi Moshe Library

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: B. S. Leon Retirement Village

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Function Hall (former), Harare Hebrew Congregation

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Guild Hall (former Jewish centre)

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: People

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Samuel Leon Building (formerly, Samuel Leon Sephardi Hebrew School)

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Sephardi Hebrew Congregation, Mikvah (closed)

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Sephardi Hebrew Congregation, Rodis Community Memorial Hall

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Sephardi Hebrew Congregation, Sephardi Centre (former)

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Sephardi Hebrew Congregation, Succah

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Harare: Sharon School (former Jewish school)

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Masvingo: Great Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE (ZW), Matopos: MOTH Shrine (WWI Memorial)

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